Everything you need to know to prevent premature Motor failure.

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Lubrication - What, when & how

Greasing - What is too much, what it too little

Misalignment - How to get this right first time 

Shaft Overload - How to detect & rectify

Vibration - The reasons & the solutions

Overheating - How to monitor & best operating practice

Stator Winding - Causes of failure & how to prevent it

Rotor Bar - What, When & How

External Conditions - Heat, humidity, high ambient, temperatures affecting motors










Here's what engineers have to say about our Motor Mastery Course:

"Thank you for an excellent insight as to why motors fail, this has been the most helpful course I have done in relation to motors. Several key points that will make a real difference."

Sean Coughlon

"Short and precise email content. Just the right amount of information in every email on each topic."

Kevin Reid

"Just received my first email - Easy to understand, love the top tips section."

Greg Brown

"I very much enjoyed the course. The daily emails allowed me to digest the information in my own time without it becoming a chore. A very good investment"

David Gevorgran

"Very informative, now I understand what actually causes my motor to fail. I can start implementing a plan for prevention."

Shane Miller

"Really enjoying the course, already putting the first steps in place to stop motors failing."

Joe Craft

"Great information which I can keep and use as a reference."

Graham Keegon

"Great course, onwards and upwards."

James Sanderson

The course will end with a test with one question on each slide. Upon completion of this test, you will receive a certificate!

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